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Soap Update 11-17-14

I’ve been dragging my feet on the soap lately but I’m still working on them. Here’s a mock-up for the cigar sleeve labels I’m working on. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Tamarind Pods

Yesterday I was out with a friend looking for gypsum powder. I have a bag of organic soy beans that were gifted to me and need to be put to use. I had the idea of making my own tofu (I’ll save that for another post) and was gathering the necessary ingredients. The last stop was at a small Asian market. My friend bought me a box of sweet tamarind pods. I’ve used the paste in recipes before but have never had the actual pod.

tamarind box

I think these make an excellent snack. They’re good for you – packed full of vitamins and minerals – and oddly filling despite not being very big. Most importantly for me, I really like snacks that require a little work so that I’m not mindlessly eating.

tamarind pods

I like to crack the pods open and remove the wood veins that run through them before popping them in my mouth. Be careful not to chew though as there are seeds in the middle. As far as taste goes, I’d place it somewhere between a prune and cherry.

Does anyone else enjoy these? I’d be curious as to what other uses people have for them?