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Eating Vegan {New Orleans}

 A friend and I recently did a road trip through parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We spend a few days in Atlanta before renting a car and driving down highways 20 and 59 through Birmingham and Meridian to New Orleans.

I thought I’d share some pictures of the things we saw. New Orleans was by far the best of all the places we visited. We managed to squeeze in some sightseeing including tours of the city and the swamp. Eating vegan throughout the south was difficult at times but I came prepared for this reality. Before flying out, I packed my bags with an array of snacks that ended up sustaining me for most of the trip.

Out of all the cities we visited, I think New Orleans was the most vegan friendly.
I found an amazing vegan restaurant called Seed located near the Central Business District that did plant-based versions of some classic New Orleans foods. It was within walking distance of our hotel and we managed to eat there several times.

Another restaurant that I enjoyed was Dreamy Weenies. They offered a pretty extensive menu of vegan hotdogs and toppings. I was pleased to see that many of the restaurants we visited had some  type of vegan/vegetarian offering on the menu, and while it was often only a single item, it was at least something. Has anyone else been to New Orleans or the south recently? Any other vegan restaurants worth mentioning?