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Soaps on Etsy!

I’ve added more soaps to Etsy! Check out the Soaps tab above or go directly to my Etsy shop.


Soap Update 12/24/14


I have this week off from work and have managed to make progress on the soap making. The labels have finally been printed; I think they look good but there’s definitely some spacing issues that need to be addressed. It’s all trial and error.

soap mold

I also worked on a 5lb batch of soap this morning. Tomorrow it’ll be done and I’ll post more pictures as it’s removed from the loaf mold and while being cut into individual bars of soap.


I just unmolded and cut the 5lb loaf I made yesterday. It now needs to sit and cure for a couple weeks to harden up. It smells amazing!




Soap Update 11-17-14

I’ve been dragging my feet on the soap lately but I’m still working on them. Here’s a mock-up for the cigar sleeve labels I’m working on. Any and all feedback is appreciated.